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Art projects /collaborations


Performance with and by:

Ingeborg Zackariassen - movement
Donovan von Martens - light & visuals

Isabel Sörling - voice & electronics
Hannah Tolf - voice & electronics
Martin Öhman - electronics
Rasmus Persson - sound design

Produced by Soil Collectors


Ingeborg Zackariassen, Linda Olàh,

Isabel Sörling - movement and voice


Yann Joussein - composition, artistic direction

Claire Malchrowicz - choreography 

Olivia Scemama - bass 

Méryll Ampe - electronics

Isabel Sörling - voice, electronics 

Julien Desprez - guitar

Simon Henocq - electronics

Antoine Viard - saxophone 

Laurianne Madelaine, Julien Raso, Max Fossati - danse

Guilhem Angot - sound


Geoffroy Gesser, tenor saxophone
Romain Clerc-Renaud, piano, keyboards
Isabel Sörling, voice

Yann Joussein, drums & electronics
Raffaëlle Bloch, scenography
Ondine Trager, lights
Guilhem Angot, sound engineer

Video: Grégoire Perrier

BODY OF THE PACK - Work by Siri Landgren

A collaboration with artist Vilda Kvist. Voices by Isabel Sörling

and Zofia William Åsenlöf.

Shown at Ljudmatiné, Atalante,

Göteborg on December 5, 2010


JORDSÅNG - Work by Tryggve Lund

Performed at Sirenfestivalen 2010 by Isabel Sörling

FOREIGN SOIL - Soil Collectors

A short film by Soil Collectors 

Camera by Donovan Von Martens

Screened at Gothenburg Indie Film Festival 2014  


Yoann Durant  -  conception, soprano & alto saxophones

Louis Laurain  -   trumpet

Margot Dorléans   -  dance

Fanny Lasfargues   -  double bass

Romain Clerc-Renaud    -  piano, keyboard

Julien Loutelier  -   drums

Isabel Sörling / Linda Olah  -   voice

Josefin Strid - Le Pianiste

Lookbook film for Josefin Strid AW 11

Music & Improvisation by Isabel Sörling,

Hannah Tolf, Finn Loxbo


Selection of works as a composer, lyricist, vocalist and video creator 


  • MARELD - Isabel Sörling / All music and lyrics composed by Isabel Sörling

  • SOMETHING CAME WITH THE SUN - Isabel Sörling / All music and lyrics composed by Isabel Sörling

  • A FEATHER FROM A HUMAN - Isabel Sörling / All music and lyrics composed by Isabel Sörling

Albums / Co-composer

  • FARVÄL - Farvel / Co-composer of music, lyrics by Isabel Sörling  

  • ÖSTTOMTA - Farvel / Co-composer of music, lyrics by Isabel Sörling  

  • RÖK - Farvel / Co-composer of music, lyrics by Isabel Sörling  

  • isabel sörling farvel - Farvel / Co-composer of music, lyrics by Isabel Sörling  

  • TAH TAY LEET KAH LAH - Soil Collectors / Co-composer of music and lyrics

  • ONATA ONAWA - Soil Collectors / Co-composer of music and lyrics

  • MY END IS MY BEGINNING / co-writer of lyrics 

  • SHAMANES - Anne Paceo / co-writer of lyrics 

  • ALCAZAR MEMORIES - Paul Lay / lyrics by Isabel Sörling on the track 'Convictions'

Film scores 

  • ORSO - Bruno Mercier / Long feature film / Original music score composed by Isabel Sörling

  • LA PIANISTE - Josefin Strid / Short film / Music co-composed by Isabel Sörling 


  • GLÖMD HORISONT I, II and A DREAM I, II, III commissioned by FSJ (The association of Swedish Jazz Musicians) for string quartet and jazz quartet. Broadcasted by the Swedish National Radio in 2018

  • MÖRKA HAV - commissioned by Stockholm Jazz Festival

  • CIRQUE FAROUCHE 18 1/2 - Co-composer of the music + lyricist for the music on the live show of the circus performance 18 1/2

Appears on Original film score (vocals)

  • HUMAN - Yann Arthus Bertrand      *Awarded "Most Popular International Documentary" by Vancouver International Film Festival, 2016

  • WOMAN Yann Arthus Bertrand 

  • TERRA Yann Arthus Bertrand and Michael Pitiot

  • SEARCHING WITH MY GOOD EYE CLOSED - MI.DI     *Awarded Médaille d’or « Musique Originale » Club des D.A

  • MIA AND THE WHITE LION - Gilles de Maistre

  • AUTUMN & THE BLACK JAGUAR - Gilles de Maistre

  • SPREAD YOUR WINGS - Nicolas Vanier

  • MARONAS FANTASTIC TALE - Anca Damien      *Awarded "Best Original Music Score" Gopo Awards 

  • LE CONGRÈS - Virginie Berthier 

  • MARCHE AVEC LES LOUPS - Jean-Michel Bertrand 


Art installations (vocals)

  • Philippe Parreno - large-scale solo exhibition at The Leeum Museum of Art, South Korea 

  • BODY OF THE PACK - Work by Siri Landgren and Vilda Kvist at Atalante, Gothenburg, Sweden

Dance / Theatre performances (vocals)

  • ZÈFYR - Dance performance by Mourad Merzouki and Cie Käftig

  • ERTIKAL - Dance performance by Mourad Merzouki and Cie Käftig

  • CONTES ET LÉGENDES - Theater performance by Joël Pommerat

Video creator 

  • NOMAD - Soil Sollectors / co-creation, co-make-up/costume-design 

  • WINDBIRD - Soil Collectors / co-editing, co-make-up/costume-design 

  • FOREIGN SOIL - Soil Collectors - Short film / co-creation

  • CULTURES - Isabel Sörling / creation, camera and edit 

  • FLEE - Isabel Sörling / creation, camera and edit 

  • STICKS AND BRANCHES - Isabel Sörling / creation, direction, edit and costume

  • ELD - Isabel Sörling / co-creation

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